Furnished Short & Long-Term Rentals
For Families in Lakewood

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house in Lakewood

Studio – attached to main house with separate entrance and yard.

400 FT²
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Furnished housing in Lakewood, CO, caters specifically to people going through job relocation, military reassignments, or families just needing a temporary housing option. We offer a diverse selection of fully furnished rentals, including houses. This ensures every family finds a place that feels like home.

For families exploring Lakewood for extended stays, HouseStay has 1 properties available, including 1 house. There are 6 amenities across various properties to enhance your stay, including No Smoking Allowed, Patio, and Full Kitchen features. In addition, many monthly furnished rental properties include utilities such as Trash Pick Up, WiFi, and Heat, ensuring a comfortable and convenient living experience while you’re in Lakewood.

The furnished rental pricing in Lakewood is transparent on HouseStay, and includes plenty of details to ensure the costs meet your budget. The average monthly rent for a 1 bedroom / 1 bath House has been around $3,387 in recent months. Here are some current long and mid-term rentals available:

Furnished Short & Long-Term Rentals
For Vacationers in Lakewood

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house in Lakewood

Studio – attached to main house with separate entrance and yard.

400 FT²
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With a wide range of furnished Lakewood rentals including houses, HouseStay ensures that every traveler finds a place that feels like a dream vacation home, complementing their leisure time with comfort and style.

Vacationers planning their next escape to Lakewood will find 1 properties designed for leisure and relaxation. These properties are strategically located across popular Lakewood neighborhoods with loads of activities and things to do. Check out popular shopping areas like Sheridan-Alameda Shopping Center, Villa Italia Shopping Center, and Jewell Square Shopping Center.

The Lakewood extended stay properties on HouseStay offer a curated selection of 6 amenities to enhance the vacation experience, with must-haves like No Smoking Allowed, Patio, and Full Kitchen options, ensuring guests enjoy both the comforts of home and the convenience of a luxury stay. And you can rest easy knowing properties come with several utilities, often including Trash Pick Up, WiFi, and Heat.

The average monthly cost for a 1 bedroom / 1 bath rental has been around $3,387, allowing families or groups to enjoy a vacation that can meet any budget. Here are some of the top, fully furnished rentals in Lakewood, CO:

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All accommodations listed on HouseStay are fully furnished and include all utilities in the monthly rate.

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Not sure how long you’ll be staying? All listings are available for a minimum of 30 nights with no maximum.

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Find out more about why people choose Lakewood for a long-term rental…

Lakewood, Colorado, offers a fantastic blend of urban amenities and outdoor activities, making it an ideal city for booking an extended stay furnished rental. For families looking to relocate, Lakewood boasts a variety of family-friendly neighborhoods such as Belmar, Green Mountain, and Applewood. The city is also conveniently located near popular cities like Denver, Golden, and Boulder, providing easy access to a range of entertainment options and cultural experiences. Additionally, Lakewood is home to top-rated schools like Colorado Christian University, Lakewood High School, and Red Rocks Community College, making it an excellent choice for families with children of all ages.

Digital nomads flock to Lakewood for its vibrant coworking spaces, affordable month-to-month fully furnished rentals, and reliable high-speed internet. The city’s proximity to outdoor recreational areas like Bear Creek Lake Park and William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park also makes it a great destination for remote workers looking to balance work and play. Vacationers are drawn to Lakewood for its numerous museums, including the Lakewood Heritage Center and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. With easy access to popular attractions like Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Sloan’s Lake, visitors can experience the best that Colorado has to offer.

Business travelers and interns often choose Lakewood for its convenient location near major corporations and government agencies. The city’s close proximity to St. Anthony Hospital, Denver West Business Park, and the Federal Center make it a prime destination for professionals seeking temporary housing while working in the area. Medical tourists seeking treatment at renowned facilities like Centura Health and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children also find comfort in Lakewood’s affordable monthly short-term rentals and access to quality healthcare services. Additionally, students attending Colorado Christian University or Red Rocks Community College benefit from the city’s diverse housing options and proximity to campus.

Whether you’re a travel nurse seeking housing near St. Anthony Hospital or a sports professional training at the Denver Federal Center, Lakewood offers a range of fully furnished rental options to suit your needs. Entertainment professionals working on productions at Red Rocks Amphitheatre or the Lakewood Cultural Center also find the city’s affordable insurance housing options to be a convenient choice. Overall, with its diverse neighborhoods, proximity to major cities, top-rated schools, and abundance of recreational opportunities, Lakewood is a great city to book an extended stay furnished rental for a wide range of travelers and residents alike.

FAQs About Furnished Rentals in Lakewood

How much does a fully furnished house rental in Lakewood cost?

The cost of furnished housing in Lakewood varies widely based on location, size, and amenities. Right now to rent a furnished house in Lakewood would start at $3,387 per month for a 1 bedroom / 1 bath house and can go up to $3,387 per month for a 1 bedroom / 1 bath house.

What kinds of furnished rentals are available in Lakewood?

Lakewood offers a variety of furnished rental accommodations. HouseStay currently has 2 Duplexes and 1 House, all fully furnished.

What are the typical sizes of furnished Houses and Duplexes in Lakewood?

  • Available furnished Houses are 400 square feet
  • Available furnished Duplexes are 990 square feet up to 1200 square feet

What are the least expensive furnished short-term rentals for rent in Lakewood?

The least expensive furnished houses for rent in the Lakewood area are:

Are utilities included in furnished housing in Lakewood?

Most furnished rentals in Lakewood include essential utilities like Trash Pick Up, WiFi, Water, Gas, and Electricity. However, it’s important to verify this with the rental provider or check the amenities on each property listing on HouseStay.

What kinds of amenities do the fully furnished rentals in Lakewood have?

Across all 3 furnished rental properties in Lakewood, these are the most common amenities:
  • Full Kitchen – 3 rentals with this amenity
  • Smoke Detector – 3 rentals with this amenity
  • Yard – 3 rentals with this amenity
  • A/C (Central Air) – 2 rentals with this amenity
  • Family Friendly – 2 rentals with this amenity

FAQS About Living in Lakewood, CO

What makes Lakewood a popular choice for furnished rentals?

Lakewood is a great city for an extended stay or short-term furnished rental because you can enjoy 1 hospital, 3 malls, or 3 schools in the city.

Why should I get a long-term vacation rental in Lakewood?

Lakewood is a great city for a vacation with the whole family, some friends, or just to get away by yourself. Apart from great food options, you can explore Alemeda Park or do some shopping at Sheridan-Alameda Shopping Center.

What is there for families to do in Lakewood, CO?

If your family is considering relocating to Lakewood, make sure to check out the local schools like Alameda International High School and O’Connell Middle School, the shopping like Sheridan-Alameda Shopping Center and Villa Italia Shopping Center and the parks for your pets to visit like Alemeda Park and O’Kane Park.

Are there good schools near furnished Lakewood rentals?

There are 3 great schools around furnished rentals in Lakewood including Alameda International High School, O’Connell Middle School, and Colorado School of Healing Arts.

Are there any furnished Lakewood housing rentals located near hospitals?

Hospitals near multiple furnished rental homes in Lakewood include Jefferson County Health Department Lakewood Clinic.

What should I consider when choosing a location for my furnished rental in Lakewood, CO?

Consider proximity to work or points of interest, access to public transportation, neighborhood safety, and nearby amenities like grocery stores and restaurants.

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