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How the HouseStay Process Works

Rent your fully furnished home to individuals and business travelers, seeking monthly furnished housing options

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Listing Requirements

Listing on HouseStay is free. Simply create an account that works best for you and create to List your Property. To ensure our tenants’ expectations are not only met, but also exceeded, your property must meet the requirements listed below:

  • Accommodations must be Fully Furnished
  • Utilities must be included: Wi-Fi, Electricity, Gas, Water, Heat
  • Available for A Minimum of 30 Nights (No Max)
  • Unit Specific Photos (No Generic Unit Photos)
  • Pass HouseStay Home Inspection (We schedule this for you)
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Host Steps
Host Steps
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  • Obligation to Deliver Possession of Unit:

    This means having the unit vacant for the tenant on the move-in date that was specified in the lease agreement.

  • Obligation to Maintain the Unit:

    A landlord has the responsibility to his or her tenants maintain the property. This includes keeping the property clean, safe and habitable. The landlord must adhere to all building codes, perform necessary repairs, maintain common areas, keep all vital services, such as plumbing, electricity, and heat, in good working order, must provide proper trash receptacles and must supply running water.

  • Respect Tenant(s) Privacy:

    California landlords must provide 24 hours’ notice before entering the rental property to make repairs or show the property to prospective tenants (you must give 48 hours for an initial move-out inspection). To avoid problems, include a lease or rental agreement clause that complies with the law and lets the tenant know your right of entry; also, keep written records of your requests to enter rental units.

  • Contact HouseStay Immediately If There Are Any Issues:

    If you have any issues with the tenant, please reach out to the HouseStay team immediately as HouseStay will step in and mediate any issues between hosts and tenants.

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